JP Yen inflation Calculator GDP deflator and CGPI(1932-2015)


Japanese Yen Currency Value Calculator based on GDP deflator and CGPI(Corprate Goods Price Index)(1932-2015).

Price index source of CGPI is from Bank of Japan.

Data mainly from Bank Of Japan though, we don’t guarantee accuracy of results.Please regard this calculator as just the reference level tool.

Inflation Calculator by Corprate Goods Price Index

Enter the amount of money.

Enter initial year and final year (Western Calender year) you would like to compare.

From to

Based on year of 1965

10,000Yen in 1965(S40) is to 30,893Yen in 2016(H28).3.09 time(s)

Based on year of2016

10,000Yen in 2016(H28) is to 3,237Yen in1965年(S40).0.3237 time(s)

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